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Command Aliases Description
joinrecord, recJoin a voice channel and begin recording. You may optionally specify the channel name, such as :craig:, join Recording. If no channel name is specified, Craig will join the voice channel you're in.
notenDuring recording, make a note of the current time. You may optionally add text for the note, such as :craig:, note Chapter 2. These notes will be included in an info.txt file in downloads, as well as a label track if you download an Audacity project.
leavepartLeave a voice channel and stop recording. As in join, you may optionally specify the channel.
stopStop all active recordings on the server.
ennuicastrwebappEnable or disable the associated EnnuiCastr webapp. Use :craig:, ennuicastr on to enable, :craig:, ennuicastr off to disable.
helpcommands, hello, infoInform you of what Craig is and direct you to this web site.
prefixSet a custom prefix for your server. Only server admins may use this command. For instance, after :craig:, prefix ^, you may use ^join and ^note in place of :craig:, join and :craig:, note. :craig:, prefix alone will inform you of the current prefix. No custom prefix eliminates the :craig: prefix.
unprefixUnset the server's custom prefix.

Patron-only commands

Command Aliases Description
featuresLists your patron features.
bless“Bless” the current server. On blessed servers, all recordings have your patron benefits, even if initiated by non-patrons. A patron may bless only one server.
unblessRemoves the blessing from the current server.
autorecordManages automatic recordings. See :craig:, autorecord help for more information.