# Commands


Each instance of Craig has their own set of slash commands to use.

Command Description
/join Start recording in a channel. You may optionally specify the channel, such as /join channel: Recording. If no channel is specified, Craig will join the voice channel you're in.
/note Make a note of something during a recording at the current time. These notes will be included in an info.txt file in downloads, as well as a label track if you download an Audacity project.
/stop Stops your current recording.
/webapp Enable or disable the associated Webapp. Use /webapp on to enable, /webapp off to disable.
/recordings Lists your last 5 recordings.
/info View Craig's statistics.
/server-settings Manage server settings like access roles.

# Patreon Commands

Command Description
/features List your Patreon benefits.
/bless “Bless” the current server. On blessed servers, all recordings have your patron benefits, even if initiated by non-patrons. A patron may bless only one server.
/unbless Removes the blessing from the current server.
/autorecord Manage automatic recordings.
Last Updated: 3/15/2024, 11:29:16 PM