# Question not Giarc.

Craig is an excellent tool for recording Discord, but bugs or hardware failure are always possible. To try to alleviate this issue, there is a second instance of Craig, Giarc, running on a separate server in a different part of the world.

Giarc is a backup for Craig. That means that you shouldn't use Giarc without Craig: Invite both to your server, and both to your voice chats. If you record with both Craig and Giarc, you'll receive two download links, and should usually only need one. The second provides peace of mind!

# Details

  • Giarc will need to be invited to the voice channel with it's own /join command.
  • Giarc is hosted in France, while Craig is hosted in Canada. If you're in Europe or Asia, you may prefer to use Giarc's download links instead of Craig's.
  • All Craig users are free to use Giarc. Patrons receive the same patron benefits as when using Craig.