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Command Aliases Description
joinrecord, recJoin a voice channel and begin recording. You may optionally specify the channel name, such as :craig:, join Recording. If no channel name is specified, Craig will join the voice channel you're in.
notenDuring recording, make a note of the current time. You may optionally add text for the note, such as :craig:, note Chapter 2. These notes will be included in an info.txt file in downloads, as well as a label track if you download an Audacity project.
leavepartLeave a voice channel and stop recording. As in join, you may optionally specify the channel.
stopStop all active recordings on the server.
helpcommands, hello, infoInform you of what Craig is and direct you to this web site.
prefixSet a custom prefix for your server. Only server admins may use this command. For instance, after :craig:, prefix ^, you may use ^join and ^note in place of :craig:, join and :craig:, note. :craig:, prefix alone will inform you of the current prefix. No custom prefix eliminates the :craig: prefix.
unprefixUnset the server's custom prefix.

Patron-only commands

Command Aliases Description
featuresLists your patron features.
bless“Bless” the current server. On blessed servers, all recordings have your patron benefits, even if initiated by non-patrons. A patron may bless only one server.
unblessRemoves the blessing from the current server.
autorecordManages automatic recordings. See :craig:, autorecord help for more information.